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Personal Training

Thousands of hours dedicated to developing and adapting exercises, time invested in studying and quality time devoted to coaching... benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience and achieve ‘lasting’ results in realistic time.

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Health Check

Epic Health encompasses our physical, mental and spiritual health. Our physical health is just one link in the chain: each link being as strong as the link it is connected to.

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Good nutritional habits, means a balanced selection of life enhancing foods. Nutrition is not ‘rocket’ science, although it is a science. Nutrition design upon request... (5 day food and drink diary must be completed and body composition assessed prior to appointment).

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Whether an athlete, exercise enthusiast or an injured individual our aim is to return you to competition, exercise and normal activities as quickly and as safely as possible following our injury management protocol.

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N.L.P. (neuro linguistic programming)

James is a qualified NLP Practitioner, instilling change in a client’s conscious and subconscious states through a cooperative flow of energy and ideas.

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