Epic Health Check

A stethoscope around a heart

The best investments we make are in our children, health and education.

To protect ourselves and those we love we must strengthen our weakest links, although we must first know our weaknesses.

Epic Health encompasses our physical, mental and spiritual health. Our physical health is just one link in the chain: each link being as strong as the link it is connected to.

Epic Health Check is one small step in reinforcing that chain.

Epic Health Check is an integral part of Body@Work Personal Training. Monitoring health and improvement is an essential part of any programme: providing feedback, motivation and, reason for celebration.

EPIC Health Check: (yields a wealth of information regarding your fitness and biochemistry)

  • Body Composition (body fat %, fat mass, lean mass)
  • Blood Pressure** (understanding the figures) Our Circulatory System
  • Resting Heart Rate** (the role the heart plays) Our Circulatory System
  • Circumference measurements (understanding the ratios)
  • Postural Evaluation* (our posture changes each time we move)
  • Structural Health* (previous, recent or recurring injuries)
  • Flexibility (how it dictates our biomechanics and posture)
  • Lung Function (understanding the readings) Our Respiratory System

* We work closely with renowned physiotherapist Stuart Cosgrove and his team; we may refer you to his practice if we decide it is advisable.

**We may advise, following assessment, a visit to your GP or recommend a private medical with our doctor before commencement of any physical exercise.

Epic Health Check Plus

First Aid kit and stethoscope

Includes the health check above with additional non invasive tests:

  • Aerobic Fitness Test
  • PH Balance (nutritional advice)
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen Levels (positive or negative nitrogen balance... nutritional advice)