A woman walks down a woodland path

How we choose to set our mind determines our path; either away from or toward developing our better-selves.

The nutrition and exercise principles are achieved when we employ the mindset principle and a positive mindset is determined by sleep.

Mindset is focus, mindset is determination; mindset is self-discipline. The mindset principle is our ability to summon this state at will and maintain for time. We will drift in and out of this state like a dream we awaken from and consciously return to. The more broken the dream state the greater difficulty we have finding our way back. To become proficient is a life-long quest.

Practice immersing into this state to be able to summon and maintain.

We venture into the gloomy corridor and see the orb levitating above a triangular pedestal; we ‘walk’; place our hands around the orb: white light illuminates, we feel energy radiating through us. We hold on and are at one, saying to ourselves, I will remain calm. The orb is our mindset. The principle is how we use it to guide us.

We now see where the corridor leads: no longer afraid, we seek the place we did not dare, carrying the orb with us, embracing what we discover with child-like excitement. To fear less is a way of life.

When we believe, our thoughts are real.

A child's face sumperimposed onto the universe

You are a child of the Universe. You are one in seven billion! You are unique. You can be anything, you can achieve anything!

Altering our lives alters our minds and altering of minds alters our lives. Great things exists in us, great things develop over time. Believe with every cell, every fibre of being.You are the Eternal Universe - Alan Watts

Alan Watts
Aspirations are the Seeds of Tomorrow’s Beauty.


Positivity brings out the best in us. Negativity may bring out the worst in us. The positive elements in human nature shine brilliantly. Choose to take responsibility. Yin & Yang

We are responsible for our emotions and our responses.

We fuel fires or douse flames. Choosing to be calm is not to be dictated to, practising yin in the presence of yang. It is to practice the opposite.

Our choices shape our lives. Where we are today is the result of the choices we have made. Every positive choice takes us closer to our better-self. It is a path to pursue patiently.

“All That We Are is the Result of All We Have Thought”

A leaking bucket and an overflowing bucket

There is a void between people knowing what they should do, and doing what they know they should do. This is often overlooked.

It is like filling a bucket with holes in it. Time and energy are used to achieve a result that is not lasting.

Everyone’s bucket has holes. People who succeed and inspire consistently re-fill theirs. Water spills over inspiring others to succeed.

A man leaps from one building to another

With a positive mindset we can jump the void. Many fall or do not attempt to cross. Mindset dictates if a small step or giant leap. How difficult the crossing is in our mind.

Develop a Positive Mindset.

The Three Mindsets:

Past-Based Mindset:

A montage of negative imagery including crows, jagged trees and dark skies

It is assumed that everything good that will happen: already has. Time is spent reminiscing over ‘good times’. Spend time seeking new ‘good times’.

People say, “When I was young I was as fit as you!” Age is no boundary unless we decide it is. Many athletes advancing in years would give someone half their age a run for their money. They are not in a past-based mindset. Live out your imagination.

Present-Based Mindset:

Now is the time

‘Live for the moment!’ Sometimes a good thing: but not at the expense of sacrificing vision. It is good to appreciate what we have, and also ‘be in the room’; meaning our attention is focused on those we are with, not divided between now and what could be. An important skill to improve! It is not good to be in a present-based mindset all the time, as the map has not been drawn. Focus on discovering our better-selves. Drawing a Life Map gives clarity.

Future-Based Mindset:

Crystal ball

An exhilarating and liberating mindset; freeing us to explore our potential!

Extra-ordinary people operate in a future based-mindset. They know where they are heading and how and when they will arrive. In their mind this is certain. They have conviction and clarity.

‘Actions speak louder than thoughts!’ Achieving begins in the mind, although requiring further action. Positive thoughts become positive actions.

Act on the positive.

Possess present-based and future-based mindsets. Live in the NOW! Delay gratification and keep an eye on the future.

A positive mindset is a springboard.

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift; That is why we Call it the Present

M+Ph = Way of Life

‘M’ stands for mindset and ‘Ph’ is philosophy.

Achieving is a way of life! A way of life encompasses all we are and all we can be. It is living our philosophy.

What lies behind and what lays in front of us matters little compared to what lies within.

A way of life encompasses physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Spiritual well-being is at the heart of our personal universe.

Living a philosophy can be accomplished. A Life Map will assist and be a guide to living your philosophy.

We are not Human Beings Having a Spiritual Experience; We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.