Theo (GB Gymnast... Child of the Universe)

“I have been a high level gymnast for 10 years. James has coached me for 5 years and through working with James my strength and conditioning has improved unimaginably, allowing me to step up my game into the top world level rankings. He instilled a positive mindset: I have become stronger than I thought possible and learnt new approaches I couldn’t have discovered without him.

"James’ knowledge of human anatomy and how to reach personal goals is incredible. I was able to transfer that knowledge into my specific sport and make the improvements necessary to take me to that next level. He has taught me the importance of nutrition and how to fuel my body according to my daily regime and what to put into my body to get the best out of it. James designed specific rehabilitation programmes following severe injuries in 2010 & 2014 that allowed me to come back to competition quicker and stronger! Working with James has been an incredible experience and I have improved more than I could have ever imagined. I can honestly say without his direction I wouldn’t be where I am today and he truly helped me reach my physical capabilities.”


  • 2007 British Championships under 18 silver overall medal.
  • 2007 British Masters - Gold senior vault.
  • 2008 British Masters – Gold Floor & Vault.
  • 2008 British Masters – Gold Vault.
  • 2010 - Rehabilitation from complete rupture and partial tear of PCL & fracture to both tibia.
  • 2013 British Championships – Gold... Vault & Rings.
  • 2014 British Championships – Silver... Rings & Bronze... High Bar (competed after only 6 weeks of injury sustained below).
  • 2014 – Rehabilitation of the body and mind from ACL tear.
  • Improved strength to weight ratio: lowered body fat from 6% to 5.4%...losing body fat while improving strength & gaining muscle mass.
  • Vastly improved conditioning, fitness & strength to become British No. 1 on Rings & Vault!

Karen (Teacher... Mother of 2)


“I have trained with James for 8 years. He helped me get in shape for my wedding, to stay fit during my pregnancies and shape up after.His workouts are challenging, varied and enjoyable. Aside from his incredible knowledge and experience, James inspires and encourages me to achieve my goals in his friendly and positive manner.He takes a holistic approach, offering excellent nutritional and lifestyle advice. James takes a genuine interest in his clients and what they wish to achieve. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


  • Raising 2 children; supporting her husband and enduring loss.
  • The courage to continue when facing emotional challenges.
  • Through dedication to nutrition and exercise gaining only 5lbs of body fat during pregnancies; remaining within a 3% body fat swing, returning within months to an athletic 27.7% body fat and during her years of training gaining 6lbs of metabolic boosting muscle!
  • Achieving a high level of cardiovascular fitness and overcoming anxiety.
  • Successfully controlling craving for chocolate through good nutritional habits and self-discipline.

Brad (CEO... Superman)

Brad (right hand side wearing a red helmet) with his team on successfully summiting Aconcagua: Argentina; surviving snow conditions and temperatures of -25°C

"Having decided to climb the 7000m to the summit of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas, I turned to James for advice and support in preparing for this challenge. Over the 6 months leading up to the expedition, James helped me develop a training regime specific to the challenge as well as providing advice on nutrition to improve my ability to train more effectively. Training with James helped motivate me. Most importantly the advice, encouragement and the results we were able to measure gave me the confidence to really commit to the specific training programme, and so when it came to the climb I felt in as good a shape as possible.


"On the 26th January 2014 I stepped onto the summit of Aconcagua and was, for 20 minutes or so, the highest person on earth! I'm sure James' help in preparing was invaluable in developing the physical and mental resources to make this possible.

"So now I am on to the next challenge, a 300 mile cycle marathon in 24 hours with over 9,000m of climbing in June of 2014. Once again, James has helped adapt a programme to support my training. In particular, being able to drop him a line to get some feedback on the hydration, nutrition and training required has been really important. Here's hoping for another success this year. Thanks James."


  • Family is his proudest achievement.
  • Running a successful business; spending time with family, a relentless exercise regime and eating healthily.
  • Summiting Aconcagua.
  • Run a leprosy hospital.
  • Completed the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon 7 times.
  • First Brit to canoe down the Sourced de l'Oum A Rabia river in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
  • Ran to Annapurna base camp.
  • Vastly improved VO₂ Max (aerobic fitness) to super-fit.
  • Improved speed, efficiency and strength.
  • Improved aerobic, anaerobic and lactic thresholds (ability to exercise at higher intensity for longer).
  • Losing 5lbs of body fat and maintaining muscle mass while consistently increasing intensity of cardiovascular training.
  • Completing Extreme Tabata – 5 circuits back to back!
  • First to cycle 300 miles in under 24 hours.
  • Next objective... Iron Man 2015.

Michelle (Teacher... Student of Life)


“If you are looking to improve your physical, mental and emotional outlook look no further than James – he is the Personal Trainer for you.

"His knowledge, professionalism and passion are contagious, which inspires you to succeed.

"I have been training with James twice a week for 7 years. On losing over a stone after the first couple of months I could see his strategy and training programmes worked for me, but more importantly it was his supportive, sensitive and encouraging approach to my needs that were the deciding factor to stay with him all this time.

"In the long term I have not only vastly improved my fitness and overall health (maintained a low body fat, increased muscle mass and whole body toning) but continue to do so due to his relentless approach and desire to find, develop and put into practice the latest equipment, programmes and innovations.

"James has the innate ability to identify your strengths, weaknesses and needs to design the complete ‘package’ for you. Don’t think this will be an easy option to getting fit – to reach yours and his goals you will have to work hard and his demands for you to succeed are relentless! If you question how you can change your mind and body for life your answer is without a doubt James.”


  • Teaching others they can achieve anything by reaching for the stars.
  • Always punctual, reliable and considerate.
  • 16 lbs of fat loss in 2 months, while gaining muscle mass.
  • Exercising consistently every week for 9 years.
  • Excelling in fitness year on year.

Romesh (Fitness Professional... Diamond)


"I started training with James in March 2005. Due to poor lifestyle habits I was overweight and out of shape, weighing in at 15st 8lbs (99kg) with a body fat of 26.8%. He is an amazing PT with vast knowledge. He helped me transform my body and life. After only 90 days I had lost 2st 4 lbs (14.5kg) and reduced my body fat by almost 12% to 14.9%. I felt amazing! I was healthier, stronger, fitter and happier.

" My progress didn't stop there; I have trained with James ever since. James not only helps people achieve great results quickly, he practices NLP, offers nutrition and lifestyle advice that will help you for many years to come. James always puts 110% into his work. He is kind, considerate and has a positive aura; everyone enjoys being in his company. James is the ultimate professional: trustworthy and consistent, punctual and reliable. Over the years we have become good friends and now work together. If I was asked to describe James and my experiences with him in one word I would say magnificent.”


  • Devoted Father of 2.
  • Level 3 Certified Diploma in Personal Training.
  • 32lbs of fat loss in 90 days!
  • Best body fat to date 12.1%.
  • Gained 12.2lbs of muscle to date.
  • Team and individual awards playing cricket at junior and senior level.
  • Careers in finance, project management and building.
  • Completed Manchester to Blackpool bike ride.

Donna (Horse Riding Instructor... Angel)


"Q. To get in great shape for our wedding?
A. Yes please!

"With thoughts dwelling in my head of wedding photographs, my wedding dress and of course our honeymoon in a bikini.

"I am lucky enough to have James as my husband, but to have my very own personal trainer to help me focus, structure my training & design my nutrition made my wedding dreams come true.

"Often we feel unsure of how to start, what to actually eat, how to train and how to stay on track. Keeping the balance of work, children and day to day life, we tend to forget about our own health and well being.

"Having a goal and someone to give direction helps keep focus; choosing the right person is essential! James instilled the mindset that I could achieve anything I put my mind to."


  • Loving her 4 year old little boy, her husband and his little girl.
  • Dropped 5% body fat.
  • Lost 10lbs of body fat and gained 5lbs of muscle.
  • Improved muscle tone and conditioning.
  • Improved aerobic fitness.
  • 3 years training to achieve her horse riding instructor qualification.
  • 33 years experience with horses, breaking and training horses.
  • NVQ Level 2 in agriculture and horticulture.
  • HGV Class 2 licence.
  • Management qualifications.
  • Qualified in property management and lettings.
  • Supporting and understanding her husband’s dedication to his work.

David (MD...Braveheart)


"I decided once I passed 50 that I needed to change a lifetime of bad habits and make a return to my earlier years of fitness, I enrolled with James and found that not only did I have a Personal Trainer but a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach as well. He set me on a course of training and nutrition that soon transformed not only my body but mindset as well.

"Three years into my ‘new’ life I discovered that during the peak of my cardio sessions I began to experience a slight discomfort in the chest area; upon investigation was diagnosed with angina and resulted in a triple heart bypass operation.

"I was extremely lucky as no symptoms outside of the gym were ever apparent, my level of fitness aided my recovery and within 4 months of the operation I was back with James again training (albeit light) and have been to this very date. I am fit again and my only reminder is a fading scar."


  • Providing for his family.
  • Full recovery from triple heart bypass.
  • Returning to a high level of cardiovascular fitness following surgery.
  • Operating a successful business.
  • Offering others the opportunity to excel.
  • Dropped from 30.2% to 21.8% body fat in 8 months...losing 19lbs of body fat, while gaining 7.5lbs of muscle at 50!
  • Maintained body fat percent flitting close to his best, while gaining a further 6lbs of metabolic boosting muscle mass.

Louise (Cancer Support Nurse... Fighter)


"I have been a client of James for 11yrs.From day one James has supported and encouraged me to achieve fitness goals that I never believed possible. He always listens and helps me overcome injuries by designing specific programmes, taking into account my limitations whilst still being challenging.

"James has a sensitive and gentle manner and amazing patience. His positive attitude has helped me through some very tough times and continues to help me see that training is not ‘hard’ but a challenge that can be both enjoyable and achievable. As someone who has never had a positive body image James' supportive manner and positive attitude to life, use of mindfulness techniques helps me when in a dark place to see it is more important to have a body that is the best that I can achieve and that is most importantly fit and healthy.

"James is more than a personal trainer; he is a true friend and an inspiration, who practices what he teaches. You feel you are not alone in achieving your fitness goals or dealing with challenging circumstances."


  • Supporting those affected by cancer.
  • Overcoming an eating disorder.
  • Overcoming injuries.
  • Remaining positive.
  • Achieved her best athletic body at 43 with 22.4% body fat; losing 10lbs of fat and gaining 8lbs of muscle!
  • Staying positive and exercising each week through injuries and the menopause maintaining health & fitness.

Craig P (Elbow... Father of 2)

Elbow record cover

"I went to see James in 2011. I was approaching 19 stone and thought enough is enough. He really helped me in his step by step approach as all the goals he set became achievable. What I thought was going to be a mammoth task suddenly seemed doable after just the first few sessions.

"Eating the regular small meals really suited me and I actually started to enjoy eating healthily again. Quite quickly I was looking forward to the training sessions especially as I started to see my body change shape.

"In 8 months I lost 4st 5lbs dropping from 33.4% to 24.3% body fat. In the first month my resting heart rate dropped from 83bpm to 72bpm and my blood pressure fell from 160/92 to 144/88. I felt fitter, stronger and don't remember having so much energy since being a teenager.

"My body image was hugely improved and didn't feel the need to hide away when taking the kids swimming anymore. Also my golf improved! Thanks James, I couldn't have done it without you."

  • Taking his children swimming.
  • Losing 4st 5lbs in 8 months.
  • Significant improvements in resting heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Improved fitness (VO₂ Max) and strength.
  • Successfully keeping the weight off through lifestyle changes even when touring.

Mina (International Finance Manager... Sweet Nature)


"Thank you so much for having such a positive impact on my life over the past 4 years. Your innovative training techniques along with balanced nutritional plans have allowed me to set goals and achieve results that I didn’t think were possible at this point in my life.

" The results not only changed how I look, but in how I carry myself and what activities are now possible. The energy, knowledge, enthusiasm and never say quit attitude that James gives to every session is inspiring and refreshing. 

"My legs are stronger and toned; my arms have definition and shape. The exercise was so effective that everyone I know made comment on my body shape. Combined with unique nutritional plans I truly feel at the top of my game and have effectively turned the clock back 10 years. James’ guidance is the best that I have ever seen from a professional trainer. He has taught me that nothing is more meaningful than to have a positive outlook each day and strive for happiness.

"I appreciate all that James has done for me. He is an excellent and professional trainer, a good friend and a positive person for whoever crosses his path."


  • Gained confidence in her ability and improved self-esteem.
  • Dropping body fat from 36% to 30%.
  • Losing 11.5lbs of body fat and gaining 3.5lbs of muscle following a vegetarian diet.
  • Through patience and consistency overcame a lower back problem.
  • Enjoying running from not being able to run.
  • Dramatically improving her fitness.
  • Maintained a good level of fitness and muscle tone year on year.

Barry (GB National Gymnastics Coach... Kindred Spirit)


Barry (left) with Nile Wilson (right) winning team gold and all-round gold at the Junior European Championships and claiming gold in the pommel, parallel bars and high bar (May 2014).

"From the beginning Epic Health impressed me with their efficient, professional manner; their approach has not only inspired courage and confidence, but generated the results I was looking for. James mentors me so I can be the best I can be to bring out the best in all I coach.

"Epic Health offers a unique opportunity to develop mind, body and spirit. My experience with them has given me the discipline to be my best.

"All the wonders you seek are within."


  • Attentively teaching his son.
  • International GB gymnast
  • Commonwealth Medalist
  • International Performance Coach
  • UK sport ECAP graduate
  • Coaching elite gymnasts to be the best they can be.
  • Discovered his love for training once more.
  • Learnt from past mistakes.
  • Junior Gymnastics programme have been European Champions for a decade

Irene (Business Owner... An Inspiration to All)


"James has made me fitter, slimmer, stronger and happier and is always ready to listen and offer help. He is great at his job!"


  • Overcoming the fear of exercising at high intensity through NLP.
  • Dropping from 69.8kg/11st at 38.8% body fat to 61.8kg/9st 10lbs to 31.1% in 6 months.
  • Losing 18lbs of fat and gaining muscle.
  • Consistent progress made over next 6 months to achieve an athletic 29.9% body fat, losing more fat and gaining more muscle at 60! Fitter than many 20 year olds.
  • The discipline to get back on plan quickly following the excess of Christmas.
  • Strong, lean, flexible and excels at cross country running.
  • Staying injury free and high energy levels helps her run a successful business.

Dom (Freelance Camera Grip...Great Guy)

Photo: Dom on his 950 mile charity bike ride from Salford to Lourdes (France) 

"Forget all that you think you know about a personal trainer; James is in a completely different league. Forget the 'no pain, no gain' approach; James is patient, methodical, professional and an extremely inspirational trainer. His enthusiasm and knowledge is immeasurable.

"I have had the pleasure of working with James for 16 years now and cannot praise him highly enough. Our highlight was the 2.5 stone weight loss and complete body transformation he helped me to achieve in 6 months through nutritional and training for my wedding day. If you are willing to put in as much hard work as James does to achieve your desired outcome you will get the results you desire, I guarantee it."


  • Getting married and having a son.
  • Charity 950 mile bike ride in 11 days.
  • Initial 10lbs of fat loss in 5 weeks.
  • Total loss of 33lbs of body fat & gain of 4.8lbs of muscle in 6 months... achieving a healthy 13.8% body fat from initial 26.6%.

Sandy (CEO...Entrepreneur)


"I have trained with James for 10 years. I have learnt a great deal about health and my way of life has been directly influenced by the principles James teaches and practices himself; especially the importance of nutrition. 

"Training each week with James has enabled me to stay in shape year round. Always exciting: always different and challenging. Consistency is the key to my success."


  • Turning adversity into success.
  • Dropping 10% body fat...losing 14.2lbs of fat while gaining 5.2lbs of muscle.
  • Healthy blood pressure, resting heart rate and lung function.
  • Maintaining a low body fat, cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass through good nutritional habits and exercise.
  • Conquering long term lower back problem through core strengthening and flexibility.

Liz (P.A... Always Smiling)


"It took me ages to pluck up the courage to ask James to be my personal trainer and I haven’t looked back since. The results speak for themselves.

"James has a complete understanding of individual needs and is quite confident at how far you can be pushed. It amazes me each time I work out that I can reach a higher goal. Without James’ encouragement and inspiration this would not be possible.

"James has not only helped guide and educate me on my fitness journey he is also a mine of information on nutrition and general well-being.

"James truly cares about his clients and is supportive and motivating. He knows his craft, is an excellent motivator and is passionate about his work."


  • Already slim, although achieving a 2.5% drop in body fat; losing 5.2lbs of fat and gaining 3 lbs of muscle.
  • Exercising diligently to improve kyphosis.
  • Successfully maintaining a healthy body fat to muscle ratio for 8 years through good nutrition and structured exercise.
  • Friends comment on how well and toned she looks.

Daniel (Commercial Solicitor... Father of 3)


"I've trained with James every week for 8 years and he continues to adapt the programme and keep training challenging - and that's the key to training - maintaining motivation in a quiet encouraging style."


  • Striving for work/life balance.
  • Initial 4 months dropped from 30.8% to 26% body fat.
  • Losing 9lbs of fat and gaining 6lbs of muscle.
  • On embracing the importance of nutrition achieved 21.2% body fat... losing a total of 23lbs of fat and gaining 13.5lbs of muscle!
  • Training consistently enhanced by good eating habits to remain close to his best.
  • Mountain biking and scaling mountains.

Roshini (Student ... Big Heart)


"Before I came to EPIC Health, I had tried all the 'dieting' methods, the slimming bars and drinks. However, once I began training with James my entire outlook on nutrition changed. All the myths of starving yourself thin disappeared and I learnt a new phrase - ‘eat yourself slim!’

EPIC Health didn’t just provide a standard training session; within was an education into the reality of fitness and nutrition. There was a time when lack of confidence in my image restricted me from simple things like going swimming. The confidence I gained from training with EPIC Health allowed me to overcome various aspects, including tackling these fears.

It has been an inspirational and unforgettable experience; one I highly recommend. Thank you James!"


  • Understanding and practicing the importance of nutrition.
  • Fitter, stronger and slimmer.
  • Life guard.
  • Studying psychology at Sheffield University.
  • Voluntary work for Marie curie cancer.
  • Counselling course specialising in health issues such as eating disorders.
  • Captain of Sheffield University cricket ladies team.

Anthony (Music Manager...Heart Bypass Survivor)


"I have been training with James every week for 10 years and still enjoy the intensity of the training. His knowledge of physical training and nutrition and how to keep you motivated is second to none; adapting the approach to ensure this happens. He instils a positive mindset to live a healthy lifestyle. Continual monitoring encourages consistent improvement."


  • Happily married for 39 years.
  • Becoming a Grandfather 5 times over.
  • Returning to exercise and work following heart surgery.
  • Managing a world famous rock band.
  • Balancing a stressful world tour schedule while making time for family and his health.
  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Maintaining a healthy body fat percent, remaining within a 2% swing year after year and maintaining muscle mass at 64.

Maxine (Business Owner... Grandma)


"I began training with James back in 2000. I was 42, unfit and frankly starting to feel old before my time! Now in my mid 50’s and with regular training under his guidance I actually feel younger than when I started.

One of the many things James has taught me is that technique is the most important aspect of training. There lies one of the main benefits of seeing a ‘professional’ Personal Trainer as opposed to a mediocre one or doing it yourself. Better to do 10 good reps than 50 bad ones. (Look around you when you next go to the gym!) With time, effort and belief in yourself you can achieve."


  • Raising a family and running the family business.
  • Helping others.
  • Losing 5% body fat...dropping 7lbs of fat and gaining 7lbs of muscle in 5 months.
  • Maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Sanjay (CEO... Philanthropist)

"As an entrepreneur running several businesses I face many challenges. Limited time for my fitness and achieving a good physique was a major hurdle until I met James who I've been training with now for 8 years. My goals were to achieve a high level of fitness and physique that I would be proud of in my 40's. James has worked to build my mental strength and confidence in being able to achieve milestones that alone I would have given up on. He has a high level of technical knowledge and explains everything clearly for the mind to reference in the future. He ensures I understand exactly the reasons for each exercise and what muscle groups it was affecting.

"His favourite saying, ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ is so true. He guided me to realise the area I had to change was my nutrition to achieve the results I wanted.

"James' style is very amiable; he encourages you up to and past your perceived limits to complete the session feeling really motivated. When I am off track or my mind is elsewhere he is able to get me to focus. He listens and understands, placing you in control in order to make any challenge achievable. He is a great example of always setting the bar higher as he himself is constantly learning and achieving."


  • Balancing running several successful businesses with spending time with family.
  • Employing 90 people.
  • Dropped from 25% to 16.1% body fat.
  • Losing 17.5lbs of body fat and gaining 14lbs of muscle.
  • Excellent cardiovascular fitness.
  • Diligently exercising to overcome a persistent back problem, without allowing it to prevent him from achieving.

Chanel (Determined Lady)


She doesn’t like having her photo taken

James is the best personal trainer in the whole of the North West. If you want results he is your man! He's focused, determined and his goal is your success!

"He goes the extra mile to ensure you achieve your results; ask him any question and he will advise professionally. There is no trainer out their better 100% guaranteed!!!"


  • Gaining confidence in her ability.
  • Being happy with her figure.
  • Strengthening a long-term back complaint.
  • Gained 2.4lbs of muscle and lost a percentage body fat in her first month of joining Epic.

Nikki (Director... Party Animal)


"I started to see James 11 years ago because I had a lot of problems with my back and knees. I am still working out with James to this day and I am most definitely fitter, stronger and a much healthier person.

"I’ve learnt to manage my back problems with James and I am now more active at 40 than I was at 20! James is the ultimate professional and I would recommend him to anyone."


  • Overcoming degenerative disk problems through core strengthening to live an active and fun-filled lifestyle.
  • Running a successful business.
  • Dropped from 27.8% to 17.7% body fat.
  • Lost 22.3lbs of fat & gained 11.4lbs of muscle in 5 months.
  • Drastically improved fitness (VO₂ Max) to super-fit status!
  • Proved doctors wrong by rehabilitating fully from a broken elbow.

Billy (Director...Dynamo)


"I have been training with James since 2003 and I have never met a more thorough professional person in my life. His attitude and manor stand him apart from the rest.

"Whatever my goals James has developed the programmes, such as training for triathlon, playing football or gaining strength and muscle and losing body fat.

"Training with James will be the best choice you make."


  • Running a successful business.
  • Competed in a triathlon.
  • Achieved 8.6% body fat.
  • Losing 7lbs of body fat and gaining 6.5lbs of muscle.
  • Super-fit status.
  • Bupa 10K run.
  • BMF Major Series assault course.
  • Level 1 Football Coach.
  • Running 2 under 9 football teams.
  • Level 2 YMCA Gym Instructor.

Sonu (MD... Altruist)


"I have been training with James for 5 years; I initially started to improve my body shape. However, I have benefitted in many more aspects other than physical appearance. James has been a mentor, guiding me in living a healthy lifestyle.

"This new lifestyle reduced my cholesterol enabling me to come off statins that I had been taking for 5 years. I have managed to maintain a healthy cholesterol level with nutrition and exercise. I feel fitter and healthier than I did 10 years ago!"


  • Moved from India to England, married and raised 2 children.
  • Coming off statins through good nutritional habits and exercise.
  • From not being able to run, strengthened muscles around knees...now runs between 14-18K a week!
  • Overcame lower back problem through core strengthening and improving flexibility.
  • Dropped from 25.3% to 16.3% body fat...transforming his body composition.
  • Remaining the same weight by losing 16lbs of body fat and gaining 16lbs of muscle!
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness dramatically.

Bill (Plumber... 6 pack at 57!)


"When I first met James 12 years ago, I was a little de-motivated and not entirely happy with my body shape. James tailored a training programme specifically to my requirements for upper body and abdominal definition. I started training three times a week and my body started to respond to the programme very quickly. I became more motivated and a lot happier with my shape. Since then I have trained three times a week; James changes my routine to keep improving. His programmes are always challenging, different and enjoyable. We always focus on core strength and definition. My latest programmes are based purely on body weight and gymnastic ring exercises. PHEW!!

"At 57, I still train three times a week and feel happy with my body thanks to James' continuing expertise and advice. James is a great ambassador for his profession as he is always in excellent shape. Think as he thinks and be inspired!"


  • Training on gymnastics rings at 57.
  • Lowest body fat achieved 14.4%...remaining within 1% year after year.
  • Not only maintaining muscle mass, still increasing gradually as approaching 60!

Jamie (Director... Dedicated Follower of Fashion)


"10 years says it all... it's not just about picking up weights or jumping on a cross trainer. James at Epic has the expertise, knowledge and motivation to help anyone achieve. James has helped me control type 1 diabetes with tailor made nutrition plans and routines that have had a massive effect on my life."


  • Controlling Type 1 Diabetes through lifestyle changes.
  • Running his own business from the age of 18.
  • Healthy blood pressure and good lung function.
  • Achieving 9.4% body fat.

Paul (Singer... Great Guy)


"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to James at EPIC Health. Following a recommendation from a friend I wanted a lifestyle change and needed professional motivation to guide and kick start my training regime.

"I was nervous about going to see a personal trainer, but very pleased that I made the choice to visit James. After each session I come away motivated, focussed and feeling good. James is encouraging, extremely knowledgeable and inspirational; he’s also a great guy and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you James!"


  • Written, performed & produced own EP.
  • Performed on XFM radio & performed his own version of Blue Moon at Man City.
  • Losing 2% body fat, while gaining 5lbs of muscle in 3 months.
  • Improved fitness & immunity.

Alan (Director... Mad Man)


"I have been training with James for the last few years on a weekly basis. He is one of the best fitness trainers I have ever trained with and has the potential to be one of the best in the UK.

"He has a wealth of knowledge and understands the needs of all his clients to be able to give everyone their own personal workouts and direction for each to achieve what they want.

"He has worked with me through injuries getting me back to full fitness and able to achieve my goals.

"James always thinks outside of the box when pushing me to my limit.

"I wish him well in all his endeavours."


  • Raising 3 children.
  • Being an individual.
  • Life guard.
  • Losing 6lbs of body fat, while gaining muscle mass in 6 weeks.
  • Vastly improved fitness and flexibility.
  • Returned from injury in record time.

Mark (Manages The Pogues... Father of Triplets)


"I have been training with James for 8 years. Whether it is to lose weight (expert in nutrition), muscle gain or tone muscle James has helped me with a friendly professional manner that pushes my limits to achieve the goals with attention to detail. Each session is different to keep you on your toes, often coming out with nothing left! He must be doing something right for me to keep going back."


  • Devoted family man.
  • Working in the entertainment business for many years.
  • Finding time to train & play football with 3 young children.
  • Best body fat achieved 8.1%...gaining 13lbs of muscle.

Nathan (Student... Determined)


"Training over the last few years with James has allowed me to achieve a high level of fitness and lead a better lifestyle. The environment at the gym is comfortable yet challenging which makes me want to return each week."


  • Improved self-esteem through embracing good nutritional habits and intensive exercise.
  • A life changing transformation: dropping from 29.1% to 18% body fat...losing 22lbs of body fat and gaining a metabolic boosting 16lbs of muscle! Awesome!!!
  • Enjoying exercise.
  • Vastly improved cardiovascular fitness.

Marc (Managing Director... Genuine Guy)


"I have always exercised and had personal trainers however I was constantly getting injured. I have trained with James for 3 years and have never had any injuries relating to our training session. James is a true professional that understands my physical and nutritional needs. I recommend James highly; he is a fantastic personal trainer and life coach!"


  • Raising 4 young children.
  • Overcoming shoulder, back, hernia & knee injuries through patience and consistency.
  • Dropping 4.8% body fat...losing 13lbs of body fat, while gaining muscle mass.
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness.
  • Understanding the importance of nutrition.

Craig S (Director... Generous)


"If you are ready to commit to being your athletic potential then in the field of physical training James stands alone, he is 100% committed to your success, whilst being genuinely kind and patient. I have trained with James for 10 years; he has assisted me in transforming my body which has assisted me in every area of my life!"


  • Providing for his family.
  • Giving to others.
  • Overcoming long term back problems through core strengthening & correct exercises.
  • Dropping 5.6% body fat; losing 12.3lbs of fat & gaining 8.2lbs of muscle in 6 months.

Raj (Director... Party Starter)


"I live a fast pace stressful life with 4 offices across the country and visit at least 2 every week. London, Birmingham, Manchester, HQ and Newcastle; travelling on trains and sometimes by car. Events can begin at the crack of dawn, often finishing in the early hours of the next day.

"With out James I wouldn’t have the stamina to work these hours. The training and therapy relieve the stress caused to my body. His nutritional advice allows me to function to my capacity!

"He has changed my life, made me stronger, fitter, more flexible and positive about life. Now I am unbeatable!"


  • Looking after his health with a relentless work schedule.
  • Dropping 8% in body fat.
  • Losing 14lbs of fat while gaining 5lbs of muscle.
  • Overcoming a longstanding lower back problem.
  • Maintaining a good level of cardiovascular fitness and energy levels.

Rami (Student... Selfless)


"I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic personal training you've provided over the past few years.

"For a long period I wasted time and effort for marginal benefit. Your coaching and introduction to new exercise techniques as well as dietary advice has meant I have progressed more in 1 month than I had did in a year.

"James’ passion to help others, his knowledge and ability to motivate is infectious.

"Thanks to James I am able to train at a high level and achieve the level of fitness I always wanted. It is an enjoyable experience training with such a nice chap. I recommend James to any fitness enthusiast or athlete to unlock their potential."


  • Graduated Leeds Metropolitan University with BA Honours Business Management degree (2:1)
  • Currently undertaking a law conversion course at BPP Manchester.
  • Played 1st team cricket for Unsworth Cricket Club and Leeds Metropolitan University.
  • Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ben (Student... Music Lover)


Ben (left) friend (right)

"James tailored a workout and nutrition plan to my specific needs and goals, helping me to begin to achieve my athletic potential whilst working around University. James is always happy to help with any questions whilst keeping a detailed account of my progress. I've been working with James for 6 months and I'm seeing really positive results in both my appearance and my fitness. Thanks James!"


  • Dropping from 27.6% to 22% in 6 weeks.
  • Losing 5.6lbs of body fat and gaining 3.9lbs of muscle.
  • Following 2 months reduced body fat to 18%, losing a further 4lbs of body fat.
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness.
  • Improving strength.

Mason (Gymnast... Rebel with a Cause)


"I'm Mason and I have trained as a gymnast for 14 years.

"James has helped me improve in many ways over the past few years; including my fitness and nutrition. I shadowed James for a week for my work experience. I learned a great deal that week, most of all I realised how dedicated he was to providing the best service he can. James is a great trainer and motivator and puts 100% into everything he does.”


  • National GB Team member for 5 years.
  • Competed for England.
  • Coaching gymnastics in America.
  • Dropped from 12.8% to 9.4% body fat.
  • Losing 3lbs of body fat and gaining an impressive 15.2lbs of muscle!