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EPIC Health presents Body@Work One to One Personal Training. The emphasis is on ‘Personal.’

Thousands of hours dedicated to developing and adapting exercises, time invested in studying and quality time devoted to coaching... benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience and achieve ‘lasting’ results in realistic time.

Develop positivity, understand correct technique; continually improve your knowledge of nutrition and exercise, and appreciate there are no quick fixes without consequences.

EPIC Health is a Way of Life

  • You are a child of the Universe...
  • You are unique...
  • You can be anything...
  • You can achieve anything...

Excerpt from the book Living, available to download.

Learn First to Play;
Then Decide the Arena and Music

The Piano Teacher

Runner on a piano keyboard

Enter a music shop selling instruments; sit at the white grand piano, never having attempted before to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Why humiliate yourself? Would it be wise to seek the piano teacher first?

In seeking to be the best we can be in whatever capacity, we must find the piano teacher. The piano teacher becomes a better teacher with each student. The piano teacher is a student of learning, not of teaching, learning how to become a better teacher from their students.

The piano teacher has invested years practising their craft; investing that time in their students, who are fortunate, not because they are in a position to appreciate the teacher’s time, knowledge and skills; because they have the advantage of not making the same mistakes. Given time, commitment and practice the student will play beautiful music.

Piano key being pressed

Whatever skills we wish to learn, and however we wish to improve; seek the masters of their crafts. They will be easy, yet difficult to find. We may need to invest time with numerous teachers, before finding the right one, for people like people like themselves. The teacher must feel they are the right teacher for them also. The ‘right’ teacher will appear when we are ready to learn. We will recognise them from their walk.

The piano teacher has invested tens of thousands of hours practising their craft. Why should it be different with the most prized instrument; our body. Seek out the teacher who will help tune and tone your body, assisting in developing your better-self. There are instructors and there are teachers in every craft. Seek those who 'Walk the Walk'.

Athlete speaks to a trainer

Great athletes train with great coaches to ensure they achieve their athletic potential. To be an athlete you must think, train, eat and sleep as an athlete. Athletes compete with and against other athletes to become the best they can be. Your coach must "Walk the Walk!"

Body@Work Personal Training is an integral component in you achieving your athletic potential, or acting as the catalyst to excel in your chosen sport.

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Body@Work focuses on producing results, rather than maintaining client numbers. Happy to see you arrive, happiest to see you go onto greater things.

We Don’t Promise Quick Fixes...
We Offer Long Term Results!