EPIC Comprehensive Health Check

Doctor reading a chart

Includes the Health Check and health check + and for serious athletes and discerning health conscious individuals; bloods analysis by our private doctor to determine medical and hormonal health.*

  • Cholesterol Levels (lifestyle and nutritional advice)
  • Testosterone Levels (usually for men aged over 40)
  • Growth Hormone Levels (usually for men aged over 40)
  • Oestrogen/Progesterone Balance (usually for peri-menopausal women)
  • White Blood Cell Count

Lifestyle, nutrition and dietary supplement advice: medication if required.

A report will be provided of measurements and tests relating to your personal health and fitness. The specific tests will be presented in detail to accompany your report. A follow up phone call/email is made to discuss your health (Feedback from each check will be relative to your age).

*Recommended for those over 40 who have not already had a Life Scan.